6 Best Apps to Sell Stuff Online and Locally

6 Best Apps to Sell Stuff Online and Locally

Many of us have items strewn about our homes. Anything we no longer utilize, whether it be outdated clothing, outdated technology, or just about anything else, we keep around. When a yard sale or garage sale is not an option, you may decide to sell your unwanted items online in order to make more money.

These are our top 6 selections for the finest applications to sell things online and/or to local buyers as everything is moving into the virtual world with the aid of the internet.


A mobile app called OfferUp enables users to buy and sell goods both locally and internationally. It is a simple app that offers a nicer and, quite simply, safer alternative to websites or actual physical boards that post classified ads.

The simplicity of use stems from the fact that you may almost immediately begin selling your goods after downloading and installing the app. It only requires adding a picture of the objects for sale, a description, a category, and a location. You may proceed now.

Private chats on OfferUp allow for direct conversation between the buyer and vendor, allowing you to haggle over terms like price and pick-up location. OfferUp won't charge you any fees if you want to sell your goods locally.

However, the actual sales must take place in person. There are so-called "Community Meetup Spots" that list potential locations where you might provide what you are offering and get payment. These areas are public, well-lit areas where your safety should be guaranteed.

OfferUp will be involved in the communication, payment processing, and shipping processes within the app if you want to sell across the country. Once the transaction is complete, they will offer a pre-paid shipping label, ensure that your goods are traced, and guarantee that the buyer will receive the items you sold.

But they charge a cost for everything, which works out to about 13% of what you were asking for the item or a $2 flat rate. However, both when you are purchasing and selling, the shipping charges and other associated expenses are taken care of.

Key conclusions

One of the better local marketplace apps is OfferUp. It is advisable to utilize it for local buyers and sellers because there are expenses associated with the shipment and everything else. Since they charge a fee, it can end up being more expensive than shipping the goods yourself. OfferUp provides a large variety of categories, much like the previously mentioned Facebook selling option. You can thus sell anything there.

2. Facebook Marketplace

As you might have guessed from the name, Facebook Marketplace is a marketplace that was introduced at some point on Facebook. You may reach a large audience using it, and it is simple to use.

Selling your items on the Marketplace rather than other websites may enable you to obtain a higher price for them. Posting a picture and a description of the item you're selling is all that's required. When people see it, they might decide to buy from you.

You can sell just about everything you want, from used clothing and home goods to your old car, as it is not restricted to any particular category.

Your things for sale are sure to get a lot of attention from potential customers given that Facebook is still one of the top players in the social media sector, despite a fall in user numbers.

On the other side, it would aid in the dissemination of information about the goods you are selling, allowing someone to, for instance, come across your item on the Facebook Marketplace and recall that a friend was interested in purchasing it. They would then inform the friend in question, and presto! You have a customer. Simple as that!

But it should be emphasized that there are a lot of buyers and sellers there because of the scale of Facebook and the Facebook Marketplace in general, which makes the market competitive.

To find a buyer quickly, you must research the selling price of things that are similar to the ones you are attempting to sell. Additionally, it's a terrific place to advertise local sales because customers can see how close or far away you are, which may work to your benefit.

Key conclusions

The Facebook Marketplace is fantastic if you want to sell something quickly, want a lot of publicity for the items you want to sell, and don't want to stick to selling only certain types of items, like clothing. However, the competition can be a little fierce there.

3. Vinted

One app for selling worn clothing is Vinted an online marketplace. It largely revolves around items of clothing that you no longer wear or that don't fit you well.

With more than 50 million members and innumerable things for sale, it is already accessible in close to 20 countries. The main benefit of this app is that there are no fees, in addition to it being accessible in many countries as opposed to other services of a similar nature. Yes, you read that right—you can sell without making any payments at all. Listing your stuff is totally free!

With this software, you may sell both locally and globally, and if it's more convenient for you, you can offer clothing bundles. Vinted fully takes care of everything for you, similar to how Offerup did earlier.

That is, all you have to do after listing your stuff for sale on this app for selling clothes is print the prepaid mailing label and deliver the package to the handy shipping location.

Once the buyer verifies that they have received the package, you receive the money via direct payment to your bank account (or by another method). It goes without saying that you can always do a live, in-person transaction to simply hand over the goods and receive payment.

Selling a piece of common apparel might occasionally be challenging, depending on the number of users and products for sale, unless you set the price far lower. Vinted offers to boost your things as a defense against this, making them stand out and drawing the attention of more potential customers.

Key conclusions

Vinted is fantastic for selling both domestically and abroad with minimal to no hassle. But the goods to be sold must be apparel or accessories (and related things). Though it is best to put them there as it is so simple to sell and free to use since many of us choose to throw out clothes and it is absolutely free to use!

4. eBay

Without eBay, the undisputed leader and titan of the greatest-selling apps, no list of selling apps is complete.

Millions of people use eBay as a website every day to sell goods. eBay was established in the 1990s. There, you have the option of selling your goods using a fixed pricing model or through a virtual auction, which is highly popular for selling products that are rare or otherwise difficult to find.

It's simple to sell items using the eBay mobile app. All you need to do to get started is to add your item, a picture, and brief (or lengthy) descriptions. It is one of the apps for selling almost anything, from shoes to cars, so you can "throw away" the unnecessary objects from your home and get some additional cash in the process.

There are some disadvantages to the eBay app in addition to all the amazing features it provides. Notably, the enormous number of users makes sales a little more challenging.

Additionally, the service's registration is free, but there is a small price for each listing you create, and eBay also charges a fee of 10% of your sales revenue.

Key conclusions

It's possible that the vast user base and abundance of available goods will help you sell your own goods more quickly. One of the most popular selling apps available, eBay offers a variety of payment alternatives. But the costs may be high, particularly if you're selling a costly item.

5. Etsy

People can purchase and sell handmade or extremely old objects on the website Etsy. Rob Kalin started it in 2005. He constructed a wooden clock and couldn't find a location to sell it online, which gave him the idea to start Etsy.

Etsy distinguishes itself from other online marketplaces by emphasizing one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, and vintage items. Every item on Etsy has to be either handmade by the seller or vintage and at least 20 years old. This guarantees that every item on Etsy is original and not a mass-produced copy.

Since its debut, Etsy has expanded into a sizable market with more than 50 million products for sale. Everything from handcrafted jewelry to antique apparel and home products are available for purchase. Sellers pay a minimal listing charge of about 20 cents to list their goods. Additionally, Etsy retains 5% of each sale you make.

Key conclusions

Try selling it on Etsy if your pastime results in a particular product for some quick cash. With a little luck and marketing help, you may make some money like it's nothing while also being rather well-known. You will definitely generate sales because it is the sixth-largest online marketplace on the internet.

6. Instagram Checkout

Instagram Checkout is an addition to the well-known app Instagram, not a separate app for selling your goods.

You are able to sell your goods directly through Instagram with this software, which combines a social networking platform and a marketplace in a singular way. Imagine posting a stylish selfie while wearing a sweater you no longer like and adding a price tag to the item itself. Instagram Checkout operates in this manner.

It's a terrific way to sell products of all kinds because all sales are completed within the app itself via direct deposit payments, whether they be clothes, shoes, or anything else. If you have a lot to give away, your bank account will undoubtedly be filled quickly.

Key conclusions

Although many people use Instagram, not all of them are aware of this feature. Try using this free app if you are attempting to sell some items online but are having no luck or if you don't want to worry about making ads with descriptions and all that.

There are a ton of apps available for you to use to sell your goods. Some choose to specialize on a specific category, while others adopt an "everything goes" strategy. In any case, if you have items lying around your home that you no longer need, consider using a handful of these applications to sell them for money entirely online.


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