How to Become a Virtual Assistant?

How to Become a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a person who provides remote assistance to others. They can assist their clients with scheduling appointments, returning emails, and making phone calls on their behalf.

Virtual assistants (VA) are typically recruited online through a variety of businesses. For those who are simply too busy with all of their duties, virtual assistants might be of tremendous assistance. But it can also be used the other way. You might be interested in working as a virtual assistant yourself since it is a well-paying position that can be done from home. Here is our how-to manual for becoming a virtual assistant.

Step 1: Check if you have these skills

Being an effective virtual assistant requires having a variety of skills. These four conditions are essential. While some of these can be learned, others are innate. Check to see if you possess the necessary abilities to work as a virtual assistant.

outstanding communication

First and foremost, the aspiring virtual assistant needs to have strong verbal and written communication abilities. Virtual assistants must have excellent communication skills since they foster good relationships with clients and coworkers.

Clients are more likely to ask for assistance from their virtual assistant in the future if they are confident in their ability to communicate. Additionally, effective communicators are better able to forge consensus and work together on projects with others.

This is particularly crucial if you're managing a group of virtual assistants. Virtual assistants may make sure that everyone is on the same page and that tasks are finished quickly by having effective communication skills.

proficiency with G Suite and Microsoft Office

Second, skill with the Microsoft Office package (or comparable applications like Google's G-Suite). Virtual assistants need Microsoft Office (or comparable software) in order to conduct jobs effectively.

Virtual assistants can produce polished documents, spreadsheets, and presentations using Microsoft Office. This is crucial because it encourages potential customers to view you as a professional and to take your work seriously.

Microsoft Office also enables virtual assistants to work on projects with other people. This is advantageous since it enables virtual assistants to solicit feedback from others and ensures that work is carried out effectively.

Last but not least, Microsoft Office enables virtual assistants to monitor document modifications. This is crucial because it makes sure that no changes are made to the original document without permission and that every change is recorded.


The ability to manage numerous activities at once is crucial for VAs as well because it increases their efficiency. VAs are able to multitask and finish work efficiently. This is significant because it enables prospective clients to quickly receive the results they require.

Furthermore, multitasking enables VAs to maintain organization and control over their workload. This is advantageous as it keeps them from becoming overburdened and guarantees that all jobs are finished on schedule. This is significant because it keeps them focused and stops them from becoming distracted.


It also helps to be organized. It will be challenging to remember what needs to be done and when if you can't keep your work organized. Being able to stay organized and effectively manage your time is crucial when working as a virtual assistant. Your ability to achieve this will be enhanced by your organizational skills.

Organizational abilities are crucial for a virtual assistant for another reason: they can help deter procrastination. It is less likely that you will put things off until the last minute when you have a clear understanding of what you need to do and when you need to do it. When dealing with deadlines and performing other administrative responsibilities, this can be extremely useful.

Finally, while working from home, organizing skills can help you keep focused and organized. Some people may find this difficult, but if you have a system in place for remembering what you need to do, it may be much simpler. Being well-organized can increase the effectiveness and productivity of your work as a virtual assistant.

Step 2: Identify your services

The wants and preferences of the client should be taken into account when choosing the services you'll provide as a virtual assistant because it's crucial to customize your offerings to satisfy each client's unique needs. This will make it more likely that prospective customers will be happy with the services you provide and continue to use your freelance virtual assistant services down the road. This phase is quite important because a virtual assistant can provide a wide range of services.

It's crucial to take into account both your assets and liabilities. You might consider offering your services as an administrative assistant or support manager if you excel at providing customer service or administrative support. You might wish to refrain from providing such service if, for instance, you lack proficiency in data entry or bookkeeping. You can be effective as a virtual assistant by focusing on things that you are strong at, like website management, and avoiding those that you are not.

Make sure you are not duplicating any currently existing deals by checking. This prevents offering the same service to two distinct clients. Time can be saved and the greatest service is provided to all parties as a result.

Lastly, look for inspiration online. Read blogs written by other virtual assistants, browse various social media sites for advice, and seek the opinions of other VAs. By getting feedback, you can make sure you are fulfilling the needs of future business owners and find areas for improvement. Feedback may also foster a feeling of community among virtual assistants, which is useful for networking, resource sharing, and figuring out what services you will provide.

Step 3: Get the equipment

A list of the tools needed to perform the work properly is necessary in order to answer the issue of how to become a virtual assistant.

The most fundamental thing to have is a dependable internet connection, which may seem basic but is really essential if you are working as a virtual assistant. Due to the fact that this position is entirely virtual (you must have an online presence at all times since you will be self-employed), having a poor internet connection would be disastrous for both you and your clients. You must ensure that your internet connection, wherever you may be, is dependable because the job will be remote and be waiting for you anywhere in the world.

Having a computer is another one that is relatively evident. Having a PC is essential since it will enable you to operate remotely more effectively, even though our cell phones are typically no less powerful than the majority of older computers. Since virtual assistants handle all of these tasks, having a computer nearby will speed up the process. Working as a VA will require you to type a lot, organize things, find phone numbers, manage emails (such as email marketing, for example), schedule appointments, book travel, manage your calendar, manage social media, and more.

A smartphone is necessary for addition to a PC if you want to locate virtual assistant jobs. This would guarantee that you could offer your virtual assistant services even if you were away from your computer or not at home. Surprises are common in VA business, and occasionally you may receive an unexpected urgent call. Because of this, it's essential to have a high-quality smartphone as a backup to your primary PC. Additionally, since you can examine how the postings and social media pages seem on various devices, it is crucial for social media management.

Having a headset to utilize with your devices, especially your PC, is another somewhat crucial factor. It would be difficult to hold onto your phone and swiftly type while on a call. You can type while also chatting and listening if you put on a headset with a microphone, making sure that you don't miss anything. After all, virtual support exists for a reason!

The program you would require to use is last but certainly not least. The majority of the time, your clients will let you know what their preferences are, but it would be wise to check the many most popular apps first. You should check out and get acquainted with Zoom, Google Hangouts, and perhaps Skype in addition to the previously listed Microsoft Office suite (and comparable applications).

When learning how to be a virtual assistant, these apps are essential because you might need to utilize them frequently. Once you start working as a virtual assistant, learning will become impossible. Instead of just learning the fundamentals of these programs, you should be prepared and pick up the ins and outs as you go.

Step 4: Find work!

You now have the knowledge, knowledge of your strengths and shortcomings, and the equipment needed to work as a virtual assistant. What follows? Finding your first customer in the sea of internet enterprises is the final and most crucial stage!

There are a few methods to begin the process of seeking a job as a virtual assistant. Naturally, there is a great need for virtual assistants as well as a significant supply of them, suggesting that it may not be particularly easy to get the position as it is entirely virtual and remote.

The greatest place to look for virtual assistant jobs is on platforms that cater to the gig and freelancing economies, including Upwork, Fiverr, and even Linkedin. In an effort to gain their first client, many VA employees frequently sell their skills there. Freelancing networks benefit from the wide variety of job advertisements available based on experience. This means that anyone who has completed virtual assistant training and has the experience, as well as someone who has neither, can list their offerings there.

Due to the relatively high demand for VA labor, it will be able to serve both small business owners and larger businesses as well as solo initiatives. There is no need to engage a person expressly for social media administration, thus small business owners may want to hire a virtual assistant for this task.

Utilizing your social media accounts might also be wise, particularly if you have followers there Some of your followers might see your message and know exactly who to recommend to others. When businesses choose to work with virtual assistants, word of mouth is quite important.

What about the money?

The type of services virtual assistants give and the amount a business or individual can pay for them will determine how much they are paid. Virtual assistants frequently earn up to $20 per hour, which is a respectable wage. If you develop the necessary skills, you could manage several different businesses, each of which would greatly increase your revenue.

It goes without saying that experience earns greater money. A business owner that runs a large organization is more likely to employ a virtual assistant with a lot of expertise and versatility, thus it follows that the wage for such an employee would be more.

You might not make much money at first, but if working as a VA suits you, you can keep doing it and eventually start making a lot of money. You may even launch your own virtual assistant (VA) firm with enough time and effort, offering qualified assistance to other VAs seeking employment and assisting employers in finding workers quickly.

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