How to Turn On and Off Safe Mode on Android?


How to Turn On and Off Safe Mode on Android

The phrase "safe mode" is frequently used in relation to Android devices and PCs. A safe mode on an Android phone is useful when there is a problem with installed apps or games. For instance, the safe mode is helpful to identify the issue if the app keeps crashing, freezing, and slowing down.

By restarting the phone in safe mode, the safe mode on Android can be used to fix problems with the device. In essence, enabling safe mode will let you know whether or not third-party software is to blame for the problem.

In this article, we'll look at two techniques for checking Android phones' safe mode settings and for exiting or disabling safe mode. Before that, we'll also go over what an Android safe mode is specifically, and then we'll look at some of the things you can do there.

What is Safe Mode on Android?

As was previously said, Android's safe mode is intended to assist you in identifying issues with your apps and widgets. Disabling every third-party app on your phone will accomplish this. There are two methods for starting the safe mode on Android phones. Some Home screen widgets are removed in Safe Mode.

Additionally, Android's Safe Mode prevents the use of third-party apps and can be used to identify hardware problems. While running in Safe Mode helps speed up your Android and fix faults, it also restricts what you can do with the device.

How to Turn on Safe mode on Android?

1. Hold down the power button.

2. There are three choices available: emergency, restart, and power off.

3. Press "Power Off" repeatedly.

4. A pop-up window with the message "Reboot to safe mode" will appear.

5. Carefully read the directions before tapping "Ok."

6. Safe mode will be used to restart your phone.

How to Turn off Safe mode on Android?

1. Hold down the power button.

2. There are three choices available: emergency, restart, and power off.

3. Select "Restart" from the menu.

4. After restarting, your phone will exit safe mode.

How to Turn on Safe Mode with Keys?

If the aforementioned procedure doesn't work on your phone, try the alternative methods listed below.

1. Hold down the power button.

2. To shut off your device, choose the Power Off option.

3. Press and hold the power button now till the company logo appears (ex: Realme, Samsung, etc)

4. When the logo appears, release the Power button. 

5. Press and hold the Volume Down button.

6. Hold the buttons down until your smartphone turns on, then 

7. When the safe mode shows in the bottom left corner, release the buttons.

Things to do in Safe Mode

Safe mode disables third-party applications and games, but the built-in messaging and calling features to remain work. All of the pre-installed applications, including the browser, are also usable. You can still view the gallery's pictures and videos.

The next step is to see if there are any problems left. If your phone functions flawlessly, then there is a third-party software loaded on the phone that is the problem. Although you can be certain that a third-party app is to blame for the problem, it can be challenging to identify the precise program. The only option in this situation is to remove each suspect program one at a time.

It is always preferable to begin installing recently installed apps as well as any recently sideloaded software. Finally, if the device is still creating the problem, it's possible that the OS (operating system), rather than the installed apps, is to blame. You will need to factory reset the smartphone in this situation.

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