How to Eject Water From iPhone Using Shortcuts?

How to Eject Water From iPhone Using Shortcuts?

Is your phone's speaker grille clogged with water?

Here's how to eliminate water droplets using the Water Eject shortcut on your phone.
If you bring your iPhone near a shower or an area with plenty of water, such as a swimming pool, it may get wet inside. The speaker is not waterproof, unlike the majority of iPhones, which can be submerged in water. Water can enter the speaker grille and damage your gadget if it does. Fortunately, the iPhone features a shortcut that allows you to create a low-frequency sound to help evacuate the water droplets directly out of the speaker grille. The removal of water from your phone using the Water Eject shortcut on your iPhone via Siri or the home screen will be covered in this article.

How to Eject Water Using Siri Shortcut?

Direct Siri voice commands can be used to activate the Water Eject shortcut. Use the Siri shortcut to eject the water by following the instructions.

1. Click Get Shortcut on the Shortcuts Gallery website by using this link.
2. Click the Add Shortcut button to access the Shortcuts app. Your iPhone shortcut library will receive it.
3. Say, "Hey Siri, Water Eject," now. It will be activated by Siri.
4. Say "Water Ejection" once more, and Siri will turn up the volume to its highest setting and play a low-frequency sound for a short period of time. At the conclusion, there will be a notification sound.

How to Eject Water Using a Home Screen Icon?

You can add the Water Eject shortcut to your home screen by following the instructions below if you don't want to keep using the Shortcut app.

1. Open the Shortcut app if you have previously stored the Eject shortcut mentioned above.
2. When the Water Eject Shortcut is long-pressed, a drop-down menu will display.
3. Select Details, after which select Add to Home Screen.
4. You will see a preview of the icon. Select Add.
5. Click on the icon on your home screen to start ejecting water.
6. To restart the operation, click Begin Water Ejection. At the conclusion, there will be a notification sound.

How to Eject Water Using a Third-Party App or Website?

Given that the Water Eject shortcut is a third-party shortcut, you might not want to grant it access to your device. To remove water from your phone without installing a shortcut or app, try the approach shown below.

1. Visit the FixMySpeakers website first.
2. Press the large, white button with the water emoji inside.
3. Until you stop it, a low-frequency sound will begin to play.
4. Press the button once more to silence the sound.
What does the Water Eject shortcut do?

By making a low-frequency sound, the Water Eject shortcut clears the water droplets from your phone's speaker.

Does Water Eject Shortcut on iPhone Works?

The Water Eject shortcut does really remove water splashes from the speaker on all iPhones.

Where is Water Eject Shortcut?

The Water Eject shortcut can be downloaded from the Shortcuts Gallery website, as indicated in the steps above, and then added to the iPhone's Shortcut app. The shortcut app on the iPhone can be used to reach it.

How Do I Eject Water from My Android Device?

Users of Android devices can test out comparable techniques by downloading apps like FixMySpeakers or Super Speaker Cleaner. Additionally, these applications produce a low-frequency sound that tries to force the water droplets away from the speakers.

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